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$ 1000

Denon DP-1300 MKII


1,350.00 €


I came into possession of this splendid DENON turntable, I think it is the best I have owned .. unfortunately I have to sell it .. all complete except for the cartridge which is a DL-103 which I would like to keep, but if I am tempted I think about it .. because I read absurd prices on the web, I prefer to evaluate SENSE proposals than to impose a figure myself. *** EDIT 5-1-2020: Since I begin to read the usual criticisms for not having entered a price, I asked for help from the users of the various groups, who sent me private messages all more or less similar, I report one for Everyone: "I looked around for the price of your turntable. First of all. Nice. Very cool aesthetically. In my opinion if they offer you under € 1,500 you should keep it. I have a Denon DL 103 needle on my plate. It is very nice. It costs. on the new € 250. Maybe ask for € 1. 800 for everything and probably someone comes forward. There are sales over € 2,000 on the web ... "By way of example, I point out the following links that refer to announcements of the same used turntable with the relative prices to which import costs are added: https: // item. rakuten.co.jp/dejikura/4560119537676/ or https://www.ebay.it/itm/Denon-dp-1300mk2-/233590953440 this is the original site https://www.denon.jp/ja-jp/ shop / denonapac-turntablecartridges_ap / dp1300mkii_ap and here is a listening test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXSFuhXOBYQ THE PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE WITHIN THE LIMITS OF REASONABILITY .. I'm not a dealer *** FINE EDIT The DP-1300MKII is a direct drive turntable that uses a beautiful all natural wood cabinet with a semi-gloss finish of natural wood paneling based on the same material as the SC-CX series speakers. To achieve extremely precise rotation without misalignment, the "direct drive method of high torque motor" (DIRECT DRIVE) is adopted which uses a servo with a quartz lock that controls the range of optical pulses generated by the motor with each rotation. It reaches the specified rotation within 0.3 seconds. The Denon DP-1300 MKII is a large double-frame hybrid turntable in die-cast aluminum and wood with a 331mm diameter platter, which has been cushioned with silicone rubber over the entire rear surface to improve the playing characteristics, and stable rotation is achieved in combination with a highly precision controlled motor. The arm of universal type with high sensitivity and is mounted on a large die-cast aluminum base whose height can be adjusted within a radius of 6 mm. A rubber shock-absorbing treatment is applied to the back and arm on the counterweight to eliminate unnecessary resonances. The insulation that protects and insulates the turntable is thick enough to guarantee ideal damping characteristics against external vibrations. Below and features taken of the denon site.


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Denon DP-1300 MKII

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